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Où est la maison de fromage (translated)

Où est la maison de fromage is a series of poems I have translated; Originally written by John Cooper Clarke. I translated these poems from English, to French then from French to English. The results are both puzzling and engaging. The writings offer a reflection on the construction of writing; exploring the complicity between reading, comprehension and writing.

The piece aims to be a covert form of appropriation that investigates the potential of literal translation as a visual act as well as touching on notions of authorship and originality.
It may present the appropriation and transference both content and context and draws attention to the shifts in meaning. As every translation it sets out to be an accurate repetition of its prior, however, literal repetitions produce something quite different than the original text as nouns may change to adjectives and vice versa.

Framed Poems and Video performance, 2007

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