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Everyone I ever Knew

Interested in relationships between family, friends and friends of friends I mapped out everyone I ever knew or met from 1985 til November 2006.

The piece begins as a reminiscent struggle into my own memory, searching through family members dead and alive, friends and family I’ve met and spoken to, but whom I no longer speak to, old friends, close friends, the ‘div’ kid at school who sat at the back of the class who I used to talk to once in a while; everyone I could ever remember playing a small part in my life I tried to include, if I couldn’t remember, then they didn’t go in. The name of each person remembered was handwritten to give the piece a more personal feeling rather than a typed font, once their name was stated it stayed there a testament to their existence in my life.

The list ranges from when I was born until present day

Pencil on paper, 2007

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