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Short Biography

born in liverpool, england in 1985.

Working in a number of different disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, video and sound
Alan Williams’ aims to express and communicate certain ideas the subconscious, media, society, representations of sex and bizarre sexual fantasies. A strategic emphasis in producing the work is not entirely placed on the transmission of information, but rather on how meaning
is perceived. The idea of translation and the notion of narrative and language is a recurrent motif
throughout his body of work.

He is interested in how meaning is displaced, in how circumstances are re-contextualised through memory, recognition, and confusion. Obsessed with relationships between object and body, the importance of roles and existence and ideas of nothingness and immaterial matter he has produced various small illustrative books, installations, music, small and large-scale drawings and most recently sculptures and videos incorporating sound. A common thread between work and idea has been a tendency to appropriate media, emotion and object.

The character of the materials chosen is essential to the aesthetic, sentiment and meaning in the work. By juxtaposing words, images, sound and objects; he creates some kind of visual language, engaging and puzzling the audience and also challenging them to unlock their own meaning and relationship with the work. Capturing the audience in an audibly and visually manner as well as a psychological one allows one to form a more developed meaning or narrative from his work.

He currently lives and works in Liverpool.